The obligation of RSS
Friday, Apr 16, 2004
I now have 90 sites in my daily (nee multi-hourly) RSS readthrough. At the moment they're all in a flat heirarchy except for a folder of sites pertaining to Gmail (Battelle, outer-court, etc.) and I've been meaning to sort them into folders by topic, 'friends', 'blogosphere', 'news' etc., but I just realized the important categorization I should make is 'sites where I'm expected to have read every post' and everything else.

For example, I have about 14 friends who, when they post on their blogs, have the same expectation that their friends will have read the post as if they had sent the post in email to the friends. While skimming through the roughly 400 posts a day, it would be nice if I had this 'must' list so I could stay in low gear in one folder, then return to 'skim' gear for the rest.

Then again, maybe I should set up Bloglines to email new items in the 'must' blogs to me, where I can filter them to a 'friendblogs' label and address them as if they really were emails sent to me.

This would also let me search past posts, restricted either by label, by specific friend, or both, so I can 'catch up' quickly when I missed something important...

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