Evil and Wrong
Thursday, May 06, 2004
So today Bush apologized for the torture of Iraqi prisoners at the hands of US soldiers, by saying he was "sorry for the humiliation suffered." This is the weakest kind of apology, devoid of responsibility, essentially saying "I'm sorry that this happened to you."

But that's not surprising. I expect that. What I found especially interesting was that Bush chose to ignore recent reports that indicate that, of the 25 reported Iraqi and Afghan prisoner deaths last year, at least two were killed by US personnel (an Army soldier and a CIA contractor) in similar incidents. Of those soldiers implicated in the recent abuses, Bush said that the "wrongdoers will be brought to justice." It leaves me to wonder: when prisoners are tortured and killed by a foreign power, Bush calls them 'evildoers' but when it's the home team, they're simply 'wrongdoers.' I wonder what one has to do to cross the line from 'wrong' to 'evil'?

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