Nym needs a home!
Tuesday, Jul 27, 2004
Rachel's cat Nym needs a home. Can you help?

Nym really is the sweetest cat. She's always one for belly-skritches and will be the first one to find your hand and rub her head into it. She's so good natured and adorable -- but also needy, and therein lies the problem: When she's left alone too much she'll make her stress known by peeing on a bed.

Now we're at a crossroads. She's a wonderful cat and a wonderful being who never shows a temper, but now we desperately need to find a place for her. A trip to the shelter would almost certainly lead to her being put to sleep for reasons she couldn't begin to understand, and neither Ammy and Rick, nor Rachel and I have a place where Nym could live as an outside kitty.

What Nym needs is a place with someone who's home most of the time and can give the love that Nym would return tenfold, or a place with someone who could keep her as an outdoor kitty, feed her and give her some love.

Nym truly is an adorable cat, and we're both stricken by having to decide her fate.

Please: Can you help, or do you know someone who can? If so, please email us at Nym at phoenixfeather dot net. We have to find a solution quickly, so if there's any possibility you know someone who can help, please let us know as soon as possible.

Nym with Hummy
Nym with Hummingbird

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