Pain and frustration
Thursday, Aug 26, 2004
So more life tidbits from yesterday and today, in no particular order:

  • Yesterday was my one-year anniversary of starting at Google
  • The house I wanted to bid on, have wanted to bid on for over a month but didn't because I was getting loan approval stuff together, the house which I was going to bid on yesterday afternoon, after incredibly staying on the market for 5 weeks, taunting me, sold yesterday morning for the asking price.
  • My group is moving desks to another area which seems smaller than where we are now and which has a droning air-conditioner whine over our heads 24/7. I have to pack up my cube by 5 today.
  • I have a splitting headache right now preventing me from getting work done that I need to do, which is only making me more stressed.

Ugh. I'm just hoping the Excedrin kicks in soon.

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