Relatively quiet weekend
Sunday, Aug 29, 2004
I ended up working in the evenings and late into the night (or morning) Friday through Sunday (yeah, I'm a bit of a workfreak this weekend). Rachel's still in Florida so I'm using the time to play catch-up.

Crystal, Karen and I say Before Sunset tonight in Palo Alto, and yesterday I did a little open-house hopping, ending up at a fabulous house in Sunnyvale. The design is remarkable, mixing indoor and outdoor spaces more than anyplace I've seen outside of Hawaii. It's out of my price range, which is a pity, but when another house I was ogling dropped by $170,000 yesterday, I can start hoping...

The current owner, who put a quarter-million dollars in improvements into the house, probably won't see more than $100K of that back with the home sale, but that's not a disaster, since he's planning on taking the proceeds, buying four acres in Oregon, and building his dream home with cash to spare.

Anyhow, I'm a bit discouraged by this site at the moment. I swear I don't know how I blogged in the dark ages before I put in comments. This place feels lonely, partly because the barrier for one of you to email me about a post is far higher than that of just commenting on the blog, and even when you do, you're just talking to me, which is boring compared to having an open discussion on the site.

Hopefully I'll be putting some time into Fury++ (Err, Fury 5?) tomorrow after work. I'd like to see some changes around here.

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