Roller coaster life
Friday, Aug 27, 2004
So yesterday morning my realtor calls me up, says 'the gods of real estate must be with you' because the buyer for the house I want backed out, a day after the seller's agent said there was virtually no chance of that.

Excited, I head to her office, after stopping at the selling agent's office to pick up about 120 pages of disclosures, and we go through them. There are a few questions which we need to contact the city planning office about, and we make plans to meet up again in the morning to draft the offer.

9:30am and I'm at her office, going through forms, deposit checks, disclosures and contingencies, when her cellphone rings. I knew it the moment I saw the lights flashing on her phone, and it was confirmed by the overly-loud voice emanating from the headset, past her ear and into my own: They sold the house hours before I was going to place a bid.


Since we were already well in to the offer form, we decided to finish it and put it to them, in case Accepted Offer #2 fell through.

At this point I don't care one way or another. The positives and negatives are about equal. I know, though, that this is just the moment speaking through my mouth attached to my head which is already frustrated by an office move last night into a space we still need to reconfigure to make it conducive to creative work. A whole slew of friends are going to see Circus Contraption tonight but not I, because I was too busy to think that I might be able to take a breath of my own on Friday, and in truth it's the right choice, because I'm still running big deficits on both my work and resting tallies.

I'm also running a big deficit on my fun quotient, but I guess I can just convince myself that this is all a game and try to improve two tallies at once.

As I type this post standing in front of my cube-to-be, powerbook sitting on a packing box on a desk that may or may not be mine, I can't recall the last time my life was in such flux.

Oh wait, yes I can. It was only a year ago.

Okay, so maybe life isn't so bad right now.

Come back safe and soon, Rachel.

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