32 across: waiting period to sell your soul (6 letters)
Monday, Sep 13, 2004

Yes, sorry things have been so quiet on the home front. There's been a lot going on, not the lease of which has been looking for, finding, negotiation, and entering contract for a new home, and what a fabulous home it is. Sorry for the dearth of details for the moment, but I'm still crammed with work and the paperwork that goes along with buying a house.

Thanks to Rachel's gentle nudging, I've also been putting time into Fury5 (that's right, I'm skipping Fury4 completely for something totally different) which will much better suit the way I blog and the way you all read. I'll be able to share the first live bits of that later this week.

That's all for now. Hi to Keith if he's reading. I hope you and your family had a great drive up to Oregon!

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