Best test of a new house
Friday, Nov 19, 2004
Rachel and I are hosting our housewarming party in a few hours, and it's the biggest party either of us has ever had. From an evite of about 140 people we'll probably have about 100 guests, including most of my family, a whole lot of coworkers, and friends I've had for ages. It's like every part of my life is converging into our new house for one night only.

I read an article a few weeks ago (damn I wish Google Desktop Search worked with Firefox so I could google it and give you a link, but I just don't have enough context to find it on my own) about the 'successful New York party' and the importance of a diverse range of age, occupation, political views, and socioeconomic background. Tonight is probably the biggest gathering of people I know and cherish that I've ever seen, and should certainly warm our house.

Rachel's really smart. She clued in really early on how much has to go in to a good-sized shindig, and has been doing crazy amounts of work in getting all the ducks in a row -- damn those wandering ducks! -- and I hope I've been her able-bodied helper goose. Just in the last few days it's started settling in how this is as big a production as the move itself was. Now, each time someone IMs me or drops by my desk asking "So, are you ready for tonight?" I feel a little dumber at how long it took me to grasp what everyone else knows. I mean there's putting together a movie night for 10 of your friends when the biggest problem is where to order the pizza from, and then there's the kindo f party where we're just one small step down from having to find a band. And if I'd thought about getting that 50s bluegrassy + Theramin band we saw last year at an SFMOMA event, we probably would have. After all, an eclectic gathering needs eclectic music.

Anyhow, that's all I've time for right now. Tomorrow we get to continue the fun with a large contingent of the family going to the Cal-stanford game though, especially since Craig can't make it this year, we Cal fans are going to be seriously outnumbered. True we have the home-field advantage, but we'll be sitting inthe Stanford section. (I've never heard anyone yell "Take off that blue shirt!" before...)

That's it for now. Much to do... So much!

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