Under the knife
Monday, Nov 01, 2004
As if to prove the rule about the timely dissemination of information I'm talking about in the previous post, my mom called me about an hour ago from Thailand where she and my sister Susie have been travelling for the last two weeks. Though they were scheduled to come home tomorrow, Susie's been diagnosed with appendicitis and at this moment is in surgery in a Thailand hospital having her appendix removed. They don't have the facilities for a laproscopic procedure, so her recovery will be a few days in the hospital and a few more in a hotel before she's fit to fly home.

I'll tell you more when I know.

Susie's out of surgery and there don't appear to have been any complications. They're going to keep her under observation for a few days, then she'll go back to the hotel if all seems fine. Ack. Ack.

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