What did I do before weblogs?
Monday, Nov 15, 2004
I love that my friends have weblogs. I love it because I keep in touch with friends who might otherwise slip out of mind for weeks at a time. I love it because reading about each others' lives helps us keep the common experience so important to keeping relationships alive across distance and time. I love it because there's nothing like sitting in a cabin on a cruise ship coming into port (and cellphone range), logging in to Bloglines on my Treo, and seeing a close friend's blog post with a title like this: There's really nothing like vomiting on your own toes in a BART station to make you feel like an alcoholic. Then, for completeness, the very next post was from Ammy's blog: And then there was the flu.

Blacksheep insists that she was 'with alcohol' and not 'with virus' but I'm going to ask her how she feels today. To top it all off, at the time of reading these posts I was 'with seasickness' but not to so large a degree that my own blog needed adding to the annals of upchuckiness.

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