TiVo Giveaway
Friday, Dec 17, 2004
I've got a bunch of coverage about TiVo's givaway this morning. The lowdown is that Comcast has been promising their subscribers that they're coming out with a DVR box for about a year now, but they keep delaying and frustrating their customers, so TiVo stepped in and told Bay Area Comcast subscribers to bring a copy of their Comcast bill and a toy for charity and TiVo will give them a new 40-hour Series2 TiVo (service fees are still required).

They told people the line wouldn't form until 9am, and the giveaway would last from 11am to 1pm, or when they ran out of TiVos.

This morning I went to Flickr and searched for the 'tivo' tag and found a moblogger's on-site post. Since then folks have pointed me to a TiVo Giveaway Webcam and a photo album of the event.

At 1pm they'd given away more than 800 TiVos and at 2pm the line is still hours long. Justine is still waiting patiently in line, and hopefully they'll run out of would-be TiVotees before they run out of boxes.

Having given four TiVos to people as gifts over the last few years I'm familiar with the joy they can bring. I'm glad TiVo's spreading the cheer. With luck these folks will have their boxes set up in time to record 'It's a Wonderful Life' while they're across the country visiting with family.

Update: All the TiVos are gone, and some people left unfulfilled. For those who didn't get them, or didn't make it out to Alviso, TiVo's offering the Series2 boxes for $49 ($50 instant discount, plus $100 rebate) if you order before midnight tonight. If you don't have a TiVo, today's probably the best time to get one.

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