Less than zero
Thursday, Jan 27, 2005
I feel the urge to blog something, I don't know why.

There's this corner on the way from my cube to the snack center where I can trim four or five steps from my path if I walk through the 'copy center', an oompa-loompa tv-studio white-linolium flourescent copy room/avenue that cuts the corner. Every time (every single time) I walk this path I have to make the decision 'do I cut through or do I go around the corner?' On one hand, if I cut through and someone else tries cutting through at the same time from the other direction it's a slightly narrow hall for two people. Also, if someone's actually performing printing, copying, or faxing tasks, I'm getting in their way. This is the most minor decision I'm conscious of making several times a day, and yet it lingers.

Yesterday I was walking the path (I went around because I was carrying lunch back to my desk from the cafe. I always go around when I'm carrying food (I've found that my subconscious doesn't count chai as food) because food is messy and the room is clean) and I was thining about how I never blog stuff, and how I could blog this. No. That's stupid. There's a whole subscript of things in my life that are only of marginal interest to me and don't affect anyone else at all. That would be the worst kind of thing to blog, worse even than talking about having gone to see a movie with friends the night before. At least that matters to the friends.

Then I did a mental accounting (ironically due to time afforded by the extra 4 or 5 steps I had to take back to my cube) of the posts I'm more proud of, specifically the Laundry Story, and how there's a Seinfeldesque quality to blogging about nothing.

I ought to go blog about the corner, I thought.

But looking back, it looks like I blogged about the second-order experience of blogging about nothing.

This post is less than zero.

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