A windfall of Wonderfalls
Wednesday, Feb 16, 2005
It's completely telling of how messed up my priorities are that this is the most exciting thing I've heard all week, but I was talking with an old colleague about TV (she loves Battlestar Galactica but wishes Stargate Atlantis would take a long walk out a short airlock) when I mention that I still have all four original episodes of Wonderfalls on my TiVo, and that I even lovingly transferred them to my new TiVo when I gave away my old one.

She makes my day when she tells me that Wonderfalls is out on DVD (to Rachel's credit, Rachel told me only a few days ago that they'd probably come out with it, but I figured they'd never release a show with less of a fanbase than Firefly and only four aired episodes). BUT...

What made my week is that there are not only unaired episodes, there are NINE unaired episodes! They had a full 13 ep season and shelved more than two thirds of it! Now, thanks to the wonder of Amazon Prime (I'll have a writeup about that soon as well, to be sure) I'll have it in my hands tomorrow. I think it's time to put together a TV night once a week where we can watch an episode or two of Wonderfalls, and make the joy last for a month or two.

I realize though that not everyone shares my love for all things of Tim Minear and Niagra, so I don't expect everyone to be shouting from the rooftops, but if you do hear a voice drifting from dell to dell this evening, it might just be me.

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