Apple + TiVo redux
Wednesday, Feb 23, 2005
I haven't bought stock in about three years after getting boosted and burned in the dotcom craze, but driving home from the airport with Rachel last Sunday I said "I think I should buy some TiVo stock." It recently took a bit of a dive (40% or so) and while everyone's manning the 'TiVo death watch' it's not the first time, and the first rule of investing is to buy things that are undervalued.

The market was closed Monday and on Tuesday I forgot about it until after the markets closed at 1pm Pacific time. Wednesday morning I wake to find that TiVo is up 25%. Drat.

At first I thought it was just a market correction, things finally adjusting to reality after a hard Tuesday market, but it seems that the 'Apple buys TiVo' rumor again resurfaced. Like two flames brought closer together burning brighter, the Apple buzz around iPods to be released today and the TiVo buzz about being in dire straits -- yet bagging their three millionth subscriber, combined to reignite the Apple-TiVo buyout rumor mill.

A couple mainstream venues reported the rumors and suddenly the stock is in play and, as these things do, it fed upon itself; increased volume and boyancy only giving credibility to the rumor.

I've no idea if the rumor's true or not, though if you've been here for a couple years then you know my take on it. Either way I hope the stock noses down a little bit so I can get in after all. Heck, maybe tomorrow Microsoft will announce that the X-box 360 will have a PVR built in, conjoined to a Blu-ray disc burner.

Anyhow, rah rah Apple, rah rah TiVo.

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