Great weekend
Monday, Feb 07, 2005
Rachel and I had a great time this weekend playing house. After finishing up some coding for her parents and wishing her mom a happy birthday (Hi Ellen!), we took our soon-to-expire 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond and put it to good use. We bought a new duvet cover for the bed, a bunch of new towels and an amazing bathmat for the bath, and for the beyond we finally bit the bullet and got our KitchenAid Artisan mixer:

Shot with the Lensbaby

On Sunday we quickly put the new mixer to good use making tollhouse cookies. While they were baking we used the assets purchased from Fry's (which we closed out on Saturday after leaving BB&B) and wired up speakers in the kitchen, living room, and game room.

A little later Cy and Athena came over to not-watch the big game and we played video games and socialized for the remainder of the day.

Definitely a good weekend, though the fastest one in recent months, probably because we were both catching up on sleep. At any rate, I love having the new mixer in our house. I grew up licking the stirrer of mom's KitchenAid (which was actually handed down to her from my grandma Frieda) and I think ever since I left home I've had this unacted-upon desire to have one of these beasties of my own. The kitchen somehow feels a lot more complete now.

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