Reverse Googling
Thursday, Feb 03, 2005
I work at one of the most accessible repositories of information on the planet, but now and again I come up with a simple information need that current search engines can't satisfy. It's not that the question is difficult, it's just too underspecified for search engines that presume you know at least a little bit about what you're looking for. What do I do when I have a question like that? I post on my blog, confident that you guys will answer my question within a matter of hours.

As it happens, today I have two questions I'm hoping you can help with:

First, what are those little fuzzy toy animals called, the ones with the big feet with stickers on the bottom, that sometimes have little flags coming out of their nethers that say inspirational things? You know, the things that magazine companies recruit child labor in the form of elementary school students to sell subscriptions in exchange for points which can be exchanged for, among other things, these little things I want to call Weeble Wobbles, but which aren't?

Second: There's a song playing on the radio a lot now, only I don't listen to the radio. The chorus is a woman's voice singing "I'm sorry, so sorry, I'm sorry something something". I only know the title has nothing to do with the words "I'm sorry".

Have at it!

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