Blogging in close quarters
Thursday, Mar 03, 2005
I wrote two blog posts about Yahoo today, but decided not to post either of them because neither one ended up saying what I set out to say, and both sounded strangely bitter.

I have to say, I admire Zawodny and Scoble because while I often disagree with their views, they're very true to their own feelings, even when they may favor 'the competition' or be critical of their employer.

I think the biggest difference here is that I feel closer to the general population at Google than I ever did at Yahoo. I feel completely free to go to anyone's office and talk to them about what I like or don't like about their product, so I'm less likely to go to my blog and spout off when I could just as easily go straight to the people that made the thing, and know my words will have a real impact on the product. I never felt that at Yahoo, where business units were feifdoms and the competition was all too often the people on the other side of your floor.

Damnit. I did it again.

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