It's a Gel World
Friday, Apr 29, 2005
Rachel and I have been in New York since Wednesday. I went to participate in the Gel conference and it's been a fantastic experience. I'll be writing up a synopsis of the experience along with pictures some time in the next week.

Seeing such amazing speakers is always so inspirational and more than anything I want to transform this weblog into a better experience. As for work, after talking to a lot of very excited people about their Gmail experience has reminded me that my job isn't to make deliverables to make my coworkers happy. It's to create better experiences to make the users out there have better experiences. There are so many people out there who don't even know what they're missing, and if I'm going to make sure they get it, I need to be working for them. Okay. Back to it, then. Just know that even when I'm nto blogging, I'm workin' for ya.

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