5 rules for Blogging at Google? Nah.
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Phillipp Lenssen speculates on 5 (Fictional) Rules for Blogging at Google. In this post I will violate each of them. Refer to the original article for full descriptions of the rules. :-)

1. Tonality

Grok this: A gargantuan gutterpunk going by 'Gordo' greedily garners gherkins from my grocer at gunpoint.

2. Do not post financial details

What you or people you know earn: Thanks to AdSense, I earned $2,382.02 last year from ads on's archive pages.

How much you paid for the bus to work: $25,232, but Leaf (my Prius) gets her feelings hurt when people refer to her as 'the bus' even if she can seat five people and lots of luggage comfortably. Ask me tomorrow and I'll say 'nothing' because this Thursday is Bike to Work Day.

Various currency exchange rates: $239.16 US = 1 goog

Larry's salary: $1 per year

Sergey's salary: $1 per year

Anyone else's salary: Eric also earns $1 a year, but my cat earns 180 times as much, at 50 cents a day, which mostly goes to her fancy soft food and occasional catnip mice.

Definitions and/or translations of the word 'salary': Salary

2.1 Keep fresh

So has anyone seen the demo of the Playstation2 yet? It looked really cool. I can't believe they're improving on the venerable PS1. I hear it's going to be molded in black plastic. Black is so cool. As usual, IGN has all the details.

3. Don't lie unless you have toand4. Do not blog at work

I would never blog at work.

5. Mentioning competitors

Cool Site of the Day is one of Google's four main competitors? Well I suppose so, since Yahoo Internet Life (rest its soul) called them 'still the best'.Me, I'm still pulling for Mirsky's Worst of the Web to made a comeback with an above-the-fold placement on the MSN home page. I'm confident that there's still life in the site, but judging by the sponsored links, Jeeves has a different opinion.

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