Frustrated and off-balance today
Thursday, Jul 07, 2005
Gah. I have so much pent up frustration today from so many sources, none of which would individually throw off my whole day.

In no particular order:

  • Six bombs went off in London this morning, a day after the city was named as host for the 2012 Olympic Games
  • Last night's Dancing with the Stars finale ended what many feel was a rigged competition. Whether or not the actual judges votes were influenced unfairly (and I believe they were) the structure of the competition was strategically orchestrated to favor one specific contestant. (I may write more later.)
  • I realized this morning that I forgot a close friend's birthday two weeks ago and now I feel like a schmoo
  • I went on tilt playing poker yesterday, letting my emotions wipe out the gain of hours of good playing in just a few seconds
  • So much work to do...
  • I always feel weird when a post of mine (the McManus post) gets picked up by several popular blogs, and first-time viewers read one post of mine outside of the context of all my other posts. Ironically, this is exactly what happened when I read McManus's post.
  • The week is progressing far too quickly (see above re so much work to do).

On the upside, I'm happier that the blog redesign shell is pushed out because I feel like I have both a canvas and an audience, and I'm excited about adding pieces of functionality bit-by-bit. I love the posts/comments display on the home page, and that my read-state is now maintained across all my machines.

Okay, time for lunch, and maybe a little de-stressing.

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