The grand test of Fury 5.0
Friday, Jul 01, 2005
So it's after 1 am, I need to go to sleep, but I think I've finished the last of the vital code required before putting Fury 5.0 live. There are still a lot of rough spots, many having to do with the commenting system and the RSS feed, and I know there are several problems, some possibly showstopping, but I'm putting it up anyhow.

A couple caveats: First, the commenting system is all new, which means that until I get around to writing a script to import old comments, they're gone. Clean slate.

Second, there's very lightweight membership now. If you leave a comment on the site, it effectively logs you in. If you leave a comment from another computer, the two computers will now both have you 'logged in'. This means virtually nothing at this point, beyond the fact that the 'new to you' state will now reflect page visits from any machine you're logged in from. This system will get a lot more robust before I'm done with it, including the ability to password-protect your 'account', first-time-only email verifications for my own anti-comment spam battles, and some other stuff.

Anyhow, comment away. I'm interested in hearing what you have to say, and in whether some small thing I forgot about will break the site so completely in the next 12 hours that I'll have to take it down and revert back to Fury 3.2.

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