MSN Beta: No puddings in muffins. Ever.
Friday, Aug 26, 2005
Something tells me that someone flipped a switch too soon, but I'm heartily amused by the MSN Beta home page.

It's really interesting seeing what things look like before the doors are opened. FPO ('for placement only') copy and art are a small fun way that designers and engineers can express themselves.

Last May, Rachel and I saw The Producers on Broadway. It turned out that she knew someone in the show and afterwards we got a chance to go backstage, walk on the stage, and even pull the curtain. For a few moments we could be goofy on a broadway stage because the place only has power when there are people to see it (like the tree in the forest). Working on big sites is like that. You're constructing something that will be seen by hundreds of millions, but for now it's your own private space.

So long as nobody accidentally leaves the curtain open in front of a full audience.

Heck, it could have been a lot worse. At least greasergrll has a cute kid.

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