What makes a great resume?
Thursday, Oct 13, 2005
Having spent plenty of time on both sides of the interview table I can really appreciate James Dilworth's advice on how to make a good resume.

It only takes one viewing of The Secret of my Succe$s or Working Girl to realize that these movies are dated more by their spirit-crushing office dynamics -- endemic of the 80s -- than by their clothes, music and hairstyles.

People are people, and the more you can present yourself as the full package of person + professional the better your chances of geting a job where that kind of expression is valued.

This shouldn't be confused with packaging your personal life in a synthetic college-application candy striper/big brother/triathelete veneer. It's about being at home with your skills and yourself and not trying to seperate the two to give recruiters and hiring managers what you've been taught to think they want.

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