Friday, Jan 27, 2006
In the past few months this site has become like that thing in the back of the fridge that you neglected for a while and now so much unknown alien life is growing on it that you keep putting off pinching your nose, donning the gloves, reaching in and clearing it out.

Commmentspam runs rampant and, like ants following the trail created by a single scout, neglecting the problem makes it so very much worse.

I'm going to do a rather drastic redesign soon, which may not have comments, or which may use a very different system for protecting the commenting privilege.

Anyhow, I'd like to thank you for still being around to read these words. So much of my energies for the past several months have been directed on the work side of things that there hasn't been a great deal left for Fury.

I have a project list as long as my arm in 9px type, but I'm looking for inspiration or motivation to kick one into gear. I'd love to hear why you're still here, and what keeps you around. I hope to make your diligence worthwhile soon.

But comment soon, before the ants and the mold have their way with this post as well...

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