Things are less broken now
Wednesday, May 17, 2006
There's a often quoted (and probably apocryphal) study that demonstrated that the chances of having your car completely gutted while parked on the street go up a hundredfold if you break a window first. The general concept is that neglect attracts neglect.

That's certainly been true here at I've only been posting every couple months, and the commentspam became so troublesome that it drove me away from looking at it, much less trying to fix it.

As of this morning I had over 180,000 pieces of commentspam left in the last 8 months. That, coupled with my lack of posting regularly, meant that the comment indication widget on the right hand column of the home page grew to enormous size, making the HTML for the homepage alone over 2 mega(!!!)bytes.

Dreamhost, my hosting provider, dropped me a line saying they were taking one of my tables offline because a simple query on this table with 1.3 million rows was bringing other customers' databases to their knees. While the addition of a simple key solved that problem (and a purge of the superfluous 90% of the rows helped, too), it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

It's easy enough to neglect a blog when neglect has no negative impact, but when the mere act of not posting (along with some other stuff) is detrimental to the site itself, it's a kick in the pants.

This morning I put in a few more commentspam safeguards. I don't expect it to completely stop commentspam but it should slow it by about 95%. This is just a stopgap though. I'm constantly designing and redesigning Fury and will actually put a pin in the process and move those designs to the site, which will make me feel better about posting to said site.

That, along with better commentspam safeguards (which, nicely enough, also equate to better community-building tools) will serve as a spring cleaning, transforming Fury back into a busy workshop, and not the musty garage with all the spiders and roaches.

Welcome back. :-)

Oh yeah, and those of you who read Fury via RSS: Isn't it interesting how neatly RSS sidesteps all these problems? You probably never noticed that anything was amiss.

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