NBC show eschews reality programming. NBC eschews show in favor of reality programming
Thursday, Oct 19, 2006
For those of you who haven't been watching 'Studio 60' (you should, and if you missed it you still can for free), it centers around the behind the scenes operations of an SNL-like show, and the influences from the operation of the parent network, clearly supposed to be NBC. A significant portion of this week's plot dealt with the new network's president overriding her chairman by opting not to bid on a morally depraved reality TV show and trying to woo a young director to bring his high-minded new series to her network instead of HBO. In the end she prevails (the new director opts to go with her network as a direct response to her passing on the reality show), and sets the network on a course of responsible, quality programming, differentiating itself from the reality-shock shows taking root in other networks.

In a case of life thumbing its nose at art (on many levels) NBC yesterday announced that they're cutting their workforce significantly and focusing production efforts on several new reality-TV shows. As expected by anyone with a cynical sense of poetic irony, Studio 60 is likely to be shelved in favor of such a show, as its initially strong ratings seem to be suffering as the season continues. Apparently viewers are dissatisfied by the idea of Matthew Perry as a comedy writer who himself isn't as funny as he was in Friends.

Perhaps they should change Studio 60 into an actual reality show about the inner workings behind SNL. Heck, it could air on Saturday nights as SNL's lead-in show.
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