Fury redesign is live!
Thursday, Jul 05, 2007
The redesign I've been tinkering with for the last month or two is finally live. The goals of this redesign were to simplify the content and layout, and to optimize the post pages for those coming from referrals or search engines.

I did away with a lot of things, not the least of which are my flickr photo stream and comments. Photos may make their way back in some fashion later and comments, while extremely valuable, need to be rethought before I add them back in. In all likelihood I'm going to re-cast comments as 'feedback' where readers can follow up with me about a post and some of those follow-ups may make their way in to the post in the form of updates. A nice side-effect of this design is that people who read Fury via RSS will be able to see updates to posts they've already read. Updates won't be so frequent as to become annoying to the RSS crowd. I'm using BoingBoing as a model for this.

Another change is that, with rare exception, the RSS feed will have the full content of posts instead of just the first two paragraphs.

I hope you like the changes. If you have any feedback you'd like to give, good or bad, please use the email link on the right-hand navigation on the site. Thank you!
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