Unchecked enthusiasm
Friday, Jul 13, 2007
Sometimes I have so much inspiration inside me that it just bubbles and shakes and doesn't know where to let itself out. Tonight I have an inner core of greatness just trying to make its way out, but it's 1am (I always seem to post at 1am of late) and it's time to read Harry Potter so I can finish it and see the movie. I wonder how the Potter books tilt the scales of inspiration vs lost time...

BTW it's come to my attention that the redesign is utterly b0rked in IE (if it is, please drop me a line). That's what I get for not having a Windows install at home or work. Time to get Parallels I suppose.

Update: I'm going to give VMWare a try. It turns out that VMWare's Fusion lets windows apps coexist better on the desktop with Mac apps. Parallels Coherence does the same, but confines all Windows apps to the same layer, bringing all of them forward when you activate one. I thought it was the other way around. Go go VMWare!

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