1.1.3 update bricked my iPhone
Tuesday, Jan 15, 2008
Rachel and I went to Macworld Expo today. We saw the MacBook Air, saw friends and some other cool stuff, and came home. Eager to try out the new iPhone goodies I tried to update my iPhone to today's 1.1.3 release and it locked up midway. Now when I plug it in to my computer, iTunes tells me it sees an iPhone in 'recovery mode' and do I want to erase and restore the iPhone or cancel? Trying to eras and restore results in an 'unknown error (6)' on my desktop mac, and results in an 'unknown error (1611)' when I try from my MacBook.

I've seen twitters from others who experienced an initial crash, but whose iPhones recovered afterward. The kicker is that my original iPhone had some hardware audio issues that were sufficient for the Genius at the Apple Store to swap me for a new iPhone yesterday, so my one-day-old iPhone is now bricked and it looks like I'll be quickly catching up with Rachel, who is currently on her third iPhone.

About half the people I know with iPhones have had a hardware swap-out since they got their phones. It's no wonder Apple needs revenue-share contracts with the wireless carriers. I'm betting they're not making much on hardware that needs to be replaced so frequently.

Anyone else have a problem upgrading to 1.1.3?

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