Wednesday, Jan 09, 2008
This might sound weird, but I haven't carried a key with me for the last three years. My Prius has a keyless ignition system where the car will open for me and start if I have the wireless doohickey in my pocket. The car has HomeLink, so I can open my garage door and my home from the car, and my badge would get me into Google.

Now I've traded the badge for an office key and it feels vaguely odd to carry around security physically encoded into a small metal shim. Still, it's not half as odd as not wearing a badge at my waist anymore. Several times a day I find myself idly grabbing for it at my side and, coming up empty, checking if I clipped it to my other pocket.

It's Day Three and things at FriendFeed are terrific. The pipeline is so short between our brains and the hands of our users (okay, mixed metaphors make for really disturbing mental pictures). Okay, got to go to work now. Later!

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