Today is My Last Day at Google
Friday, Jan 04, 2008
After a life-changing four and a half years of working with the most talented group of people I have ever met, I've decided to take the plunge and do it all over again, working for a very small start-up. Today is my last day at the Big G.

I can't say enough good things about the friends I've made and the talented people who have taught me so much. When I started here I never could have guessed that I'd be helping create a world-class user experience team and products that so many strangers love. The experience will always be a reminder to recognize every opportunity not only for what it is, but for what it can become.

Leaving Google is different than any other job I've left. Joining Google in 2003, it was the first time I took a job without knowing at the outset the reason I'd eventually leave the job (even if my employer didn't), and so it's strange to have found success there and yet feel a need for greater fulfillment sufficient to pull you away from what's generally recognized as the best workplace in America. It's even stranger that Google is the first place I've ever worked where I feel that I'm part of the company as opposed to working for the company.

This makes leaving even stranger because it's not just moving, it's excising a part of yourself, a strange cleaving of personal relationships that used to be about friendship and products, but is now just about friendship. Will it be awkward when I talk with friends about the web and they have to censor themselves to prevent discussing confidential products? Even more novel, how easily will I adapt to working in an environment where we're far more open about the projects we're working on, to the point of evangelizing them?

Time will tell, and I'm looking forward to sharing new and making shiny.

This is the first of many big changes in 2008 (there's that whole getting married thing as well) and I hope to share them with you. I've neglected the personal side of myself on the internet for too long, and at least to start off, I'm going to start blogging every day. Shared items and Tweets are great and all, but I do miss the blogging.

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