Why I'm upgrading to a 3G iPhone
Monday, Jun 16, 2008
This morning John Gruber wrote a nice article on whether or not to upgrade to a 3G iPhone. I found it interesting that while I'm going to upgrade, it's not primarily for any of the reasons he mentions.

While 3G, a new design, and GPS are great to have, they're not enough to get me to upgrade the iPhone I waited in line for on day one, but I'm getting one anyway, for far more boring reasons: the flush headphone jack and 16 gigs.

Sure there's currently an iPhone out there with 16 gigs, but it wasn't available when I bought mine, and a memory boost alone wasn't worth buying a new phone. I currently have a good selection of music and two or three movies on my iPhone, but space is always tight, and I never seem to have the thing I didn't know I'd want when I last loaded it up. Double the space gives me room for a lot more variety, especially when I'll be able to bring along six favorite movies instead of three.

But as petty as it sounds, a flush headphone jack is pretty important. I don't carry headphones around with me, but there's usually a pair wherever I go. Though I have a Shure headphone adapter I don't carry it around with me everywhere like a band-aid waiting for a boo-boo. As a result I don't use the iPhone's iPod functionality a third as much as I'd like to, and often time when I do, the experience consists of me trying to find a quiet place, then cupping my hand around the iPhone speaker to bounce more of its weak volume toward my ears.

Throw in a faster internet experience and the apps that are going to be making a lot of entertaining use of the GPS and I'm sold, carrying only a little disappointment that it feels more like a 'fix' than an 'upgrade'.

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