Wanted: Alphatronix Inspire MO 5.25" Magneto Optical drive
Tuesday, Aug 26, 2008
I'm mostly posting this so that it will forever be a high result should someone Google 'Alphatronix', 'ATX', 'Inspire' or 5.25 MO Magneto-optical.

Way back when I used to work as an intern at MacWEEK (1993) I reviewed a few 5.25" magneto-optical drives. Since, at the time, they were the most permanent, safest way to archive data, I used one to burn an archive of my files from 1993. Now, 15 years later, I'm trying to get that data back to consolidate my backups, and I'm realizing that the physical integrity of a backup isn't any good if the mechanism for reading the data is obsolete and nowhere to be found.

I'm hoping that someone out there still has one of these that I could either borrow for a day or buy for a song. I'd also be happy with bringing the disk to you if you're local and already have it set up (god only knows where I'd find the needed drivers...) I have two Pinnacle Micro 5.25" MO cartridges that are still new in their shrinkwrap that I'd be happy to give in trade for a loan.

Drop me a line at kevinatfurydotcom if you've got a lead for me, and hi from either the present or the distant past!

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