Admiral Nimitz at my Polling Place
Tuesday, Nov 04, 2008
Today I voted at Nimitz Elementary School. As I waited for Rachel to vote I admired the library, computer room, and auditorium as kids in the next room rehearsed singing 'This Land is Your Land'.

Mounted discretely on the wall, without any significant fanfare or attention, was a letter from Admiral Nimitz that he wrote to the students of this school upon its opening 50 years ago. Reading the letter I was warmed and surprised by its relevance, both for this particular time and place, and for this era in general. Since the letter probably won't be noticed by anyone else at the polling place today, I thought it was worth highlighting here.

16 May 1958

Dear Sixth Graders of Chester W. Nimitz School:

On the eve of your graduation I send you greetings, congratulations and best wishes for happiness and success in the next step in your education.

A basic responsibility of all American citizens is the safeguarding of the freedoms won by the founders of our country.

These freedoms - which all of us enjoy today - can be threatened in time of peace as well as in war.

Alert and intelligent participation in civic affairs when you are grown is your best means of safe guarding your rights in time of peace.

Your schools are the best means of preparing you to meet your responsibilities.

Chester W. Nimitz
Fleet Admiral

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