Antarctic Fury: Leopard Seal Attack!
Tuesday, Feb 17, 2009
There have been a few chapters posted since my last update on Fury. I'll try to update here each time we post a new chapter, but I wanted to make sure you saw this one. It's one of the best.

(17 photos) WARNING - Some of the photos in this post are very graphic. If you would rather not see the Antarctic Food Chain in action we suggest you skip this post.

Excerpt: "As we waited, we watched the penguins on the shore. A big survival mechanism most penguins share is to approach the water in a group and jump in together, to provide a more confusing target for predators, and to not be isolated. We watched a group of about ten gentoo penguins approach the water's edge, hovering on the brink, nobody wanting to be first because of the possibility that they'll be the only one to jump. After several false starts by the ones on the edge, a few dive in at once, and several more quickly follow..."


Click on over to Antarctic Fox to see the rest!

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