We will be liveblogging HAuNTcon 2009 starting tomorrow!
Thursday, Apr 30, 2009

What started out as a general love of Halloween has, over the last five years, grown into an obsession. Each year we would make our yard haunt more ornate, more interactive, more haunted. This year Rachel and I are taking the next logical step and attending HAuNTcon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Catering to those who run professional haunted houses all over North America, HAuNTcon (like our own haunt) originated five years ago, moving to a new city every year. We had ideas of going last year in Austin, but wedding planning took precedence. But there's no stopping us this year, and as I type this we're sitting in the Denver International Airport waiting for our connecting flight.

Over the next three days we can expect to learn more about designing and running a haunt than anyone running a home yard haunt should ever need to know, and we're looking forward to sharing the experience with you. We're completely out of our league, but last month we gave our haunt a logo, business cards, and a website, so check out Haunted Fox Hollow to see photos from our past years haunts, and to keep up with new info for this year's haunt as it... materializes (pun-groan) (recursive pun-groan).

Time to catch our next flight, and we're looking forward to sharing the spook with you this weekend!

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