Enderle and Gruber on the Magic Mouse
Friday, Oct 23, 2009
Rob Enderle doesn't like Apple's new multi-touch mouse (and John Gruber surprisingly agrees):
"[The Magic Mouse] will likely go down in history as one of the lamest devices yet as they should know, given the iPhone, that touch is connected to the screen and not anything else."
Enderle must wonder how Apple stays in business at all, what with all those stupid MacBooks and their lame trackpads. Seriously, I get the problem with trying to tie a proximal touch-pointer device to a distal screen -- a touch-based Wacom tablet in absolute mode would pretty much suck. But that's not what the Magic Mouse is. It's just a mouse with a little extra tech to support gestural commands on its surface. Swiping and scrolling are nifty on the iPhone, but that's not evidence that it sucks when you perform the same gesture as a secondary function of your pointing device, whether it's a trackpad or a mouse.
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