Guess the Apple: We have a winner!
Sunday, Jan 31, 2010
Thanks to everyone who entered last week's 'Guess the Apple' contest. I've graded all the responses and have your scores ready. All the multiple-choice questions were worth 2 points, and all the feature checkboxes were worth 1 point for correct guesses and minus 1 point for incorrect guesses. So, without further ado, with 15 points, correctly guessing the product name, the display type, the case material, the weight, and scoring almost perfectly on the feature matrix, our winner is kishba! Alone in second place with 14 points, narrowly missing any scandal of impropriety, is former Apple evangelist and BMUG co-worker Tim Holmes! There was a four-way tie for third with Philip, e, bjtitus and amitp all scoring 13 points, and a five-way tie for fourth with Mark Trapp, Andrew, Tao, Nick Baum and Friendfeed's Brizzly's own Ben Darnell! Congratulations Kishba on divining Apple's secrets better than the rest, and enjoy your $20 iTunes gift card! To everyone else, hang tight for a few months when we'll start taking bets on what 'A+ updates' are in store for the next iPhone!
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