OmniGraffle for iPad only sold 5,000 copies so far?
Monday, May 10, 2010
Omni Group happily blogged today that they've sold 5,000 copies of their $50 OmniGraffle for iPad app and are one of the highest-grossing iPad apps to date. That's it? 5,000 copies? I was really surprised when Omni set such a high price point for their app, admittedly one of the few really desktop-level apps out for the iPad, alongside Apple's iWork apps. These are the kind of apps that new iPad owners are begging for to help justify their belief that the iPad could be a notebook replacement for most tasks. $50 is just too high a price for most users to spend on an iPad app in an arena where most cost $10. I wonder what percent of buyers are already avid users of OmniGraffle for Mac? I'd guess over 80%. Every day I get someone asking to see my iPad and they ask me to show them my favorite app. I don't show them OmniGraffle because, at $50, I haven't bought it. I'd bet that if Omni lowered their app's price to $19.99 not only would they get well over 3 times as many customers (most of them would be new business) but those customers would be evangelists, showing off the app to their friends who are deciding whether to buy an iPad. I understand that OmniGraffle is trying to break the mindset that iPhoneOS software should be inexpensive, but I can't see them fighting the tide much longer, press releases or no.
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