Off the Grid Wednesdays
Wednesday, Aug 04, 2010
I'm trying something new. Given the constant infiltration and temptation of data and communication into every day's moments, I'm taking a day off every week. Starting tomorrow (technically, later this morning) I'm turning off my cell, staying away from email, the web, Facebook/FriendFeed/Twitter, my RSS reader, Xbox Live, and any other form of external communication that either intrudes without warning or tempts me to distraction. It's just an experiment for now, perhaps to become a regimen. It's not anti-technology -- I expect to read a bunch of my Kindle and maybe watch some fiction off the TiVo -- and it's not a ban on the Internet -- I may use a few reference sites while writing code -- but it is an aid to help me realize that I and the rest of the world can live without each other at least one day a week. Back Thursday!
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