There's a Toddler in My Brain
Wednesday, Sep 08, 2010

´╗┐There is a toddler in my head that's always looking over my shoulder, whispering in my ear saying things like:

  • "I wonder if we got any new email in the last 40 seconds. Let's go check."
  • "Woah, it's been 5 minutes since we made that insightful comment on FriendTwitFace´╗┐ReddiFeed. Let's see if it got re-up-liked by someone."
  • "Wait, someone is wrong on the Internet. Let's tell them!"
  • "Wow, that song playing in the background is catchy. Remember your entire 11th grade? Let's look at our high school from space!"
  • "I wonder if we got any new email in the last 40 seconds. Let's go check."

This braintoddler can ruin my productivity. It's always pointing at things and saying 'What's that?"

Thankfully, when I listen to glitchtrance music like the latest from Bt, my inner braintoddler just stares at it, drooling with a twitching eye, while I get the chance to do some serious hackery. [I mentioned my braintoddler is a raging synesthete, right?]

Except the experience sometimes makes me write blog posts like this one. Okay, back to work for reals.

PS: BT stands for braintoddler, right?

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