Apple's Orders of Operation
Sunday, Oct 17, 2010
It seems to me that if Apple's Q3 earnings were anything less than stellar, they would choose to introduce their Mac OS X game plan and new Macbooks before (or well after) Monday's earnings report. Their specific arrangement of Monday afternoon earnings, a break on Tuesday for the earnings news cycle, and then a media event Wednesday morning for new products is a strong indication that Apple's had another great quarter. There's simply no way Steve would arrange for a significant product announcement event in the wake of bad news, knowing every story about the new products would be spun as 'Apple's desperate hope to turn things around.' The facts that the media event was only publicized last week and is being held on Apple's campus means they could have changed the announcement date at any time up to last week without anyone being the wiser. Here's hoping for a nice bump in Apple's already stellar stock value on Tuesday to help pay for the products Steve will tell me to buy on Wednesday.
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