I work in technology because of Steve
Wednesday, Oct 05, 2011
I work in technology because of Steve. My first computer was a Mac 128K when I was in the 6th grade. I learned to program so I could program my Mac (and later, my Newton and my iPhone). I made pilgrimages to Macworld expo when I was 16, and later worked the expo for a variety of companies (Dantz Development, BMUG, Casady & Greene) because I loved the community and the products. When I left for college, I decided that my path in life wouldn't be in computers, but I went to Berkeley and within two weeks I was a volunteer on the BMUG helpline. Two months later I was a BMUG employee. A year later I was an intern at MacWEEK Magazine, a weekly I cherished so much because it brought me news and rumors of the Mac world months before they became reality. I got my Newton development toolkit two months before I got my Newton, and taught myself object-oriented programming. A year later, Casady & Greene was selling my first ever piece of commercial software. Apple taught me the importance of interaction design, which led me to choose it for a career path. While designing Gmail, the Apple mentality led me to approach design decisions from the standpoint of 'what can I remove' rather than 'what can I add'. Apple's the only company that I love which I haven't worked for, yet more of my time has spent in orbit around it than any other. Thank you Steve, for sharing your dreams and letting so many others take flight as a result. In the words of Guy Kawasaki, I will always bleed six colors.
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