10/2/99 Fact of the day:
When asked whether they would listen at the wall if they were alone in a hotel room and could hear their neighbors having sex, Both men and women replied in the affirmative, at 63%.

Recent Facts...

4.2.2000 7:29pm - Hell hath no Fury.com (but I do)

So, I pinned down why my traffic has doubled in the last two weeks, and to answer the unasked question, no, I don't have anything to do with this article in the National Post.

However, in the spirit of the oroborus that is the web, if you're jilted and want to tell the world, put it on the web, and send me the link and if I agree, I'll put a link to your story right here for a week.

3.21.2000 10:33am - URL of the day

Thought about God much recently?

3.21.2000 9:02am - Cameo Appearance

As all repeat visitors to this site are aware, Cameo (randompixel) has been a project I've long been wanting to spend more time on. That time has finally come.

I'm putting together a batch of cameras and I'll be giving several to fellw classmates at Berkeley before they leave for Spring Break, so hopefully we'll see something back soon.

Also on the way is a site redesign, both of Cameo and this weblog in preparation for a big surge in traffic next month due to the 5k Awards. Look for daily (and intra-daily) updates of this weblog, and a lot more progress on the projects that are sitting around half-baked.

Nearly every day I go to Craig Mitchell's Home Page in hopes that he's finished another chapter of "Futon", having promised to do so for the last nine months. Even now it says a new chapter is coming January 15th, but I'm starting to doubt which year he meant. Anyhow, the point was, I go to his site every day, just onthe hope, and yet I'm not finishing my own projects that people keep asking me about. So go ahead, Poke Me, and tell me you want to see it, and I'll get it done.

10.28.1999 2:08pm - Going Viral

Today I have a perfect example of viral marketing. This guy, while having spent absolutely no money on his site (except perhaps on his wardrobe), nevertheless gets 1.2 million impressions per day, solely from friends telling other friends about it.

The point is, successful sites and application models incite the user to spread the word as a part of their own experience and enjoyment of the site. In this case, there is the entertainment the user gets from reading the site for the first time, then there is the entertainment of showing it to everyone they know...

10.20.1999 12:58pm - Power Users, Power Tools

Working from home today, making some cool tools to surface shortly. While you're waiting, check out this tool from Dennis Chao, which melds two of the common tasks of every sysadmin: administering computers and playing Quake (or in this case, Doom). I wonder how far he'll take this metaphor.

10.19.1999 8:55am - If at first...

Sometimes the first idea is the best one. The King's Toaster is a concise example of the importance of scope, and the dangers of taking usability too far...

10.05.1999 1:34pm - National Techie Day

Today, October 5th, is Techie Appreciation Day! Let your favorite techie know how much you appreciate them. (Chocolate or RAM are both nice, though not in the same box!)

Also, Returnmail is working. I just have to flip a switch, make a prettier UI and put some instructions up (and probably change the name to something not so heavily trademarked). I should have a link up tonight or tomorrow.

To find out more about it, check out my project list page.

10.01.1999 8:33pm - Motivation

Despite only getting two hors of sleep last night, I suddenly feel motivated to finish up some projects that have been lingering here for a long time, and possibly even put up a new one or two.

With any luck, ReturnMail will open for business sometime this weekend, as well as an update to Randompixel, and another thing or two I might snap into shape, not the least of which is making more of this content dynamic, probably using ePerl for the moment.

09.28.1999 7:37am - "I am not he"

It's come to my attention that someone out there is sending flamebait to islamic usenet boards under the pseudonym 'phantom@fury.com'. Rest assured that I am not he, and that the proper authorities have been contacted. In other news, I have a few updates that wil likely go up later today or tomorrow. Stick around!

09.23.1999 12:03am - "Tag"

So I asked you to vote yesterday, then went to bed before finishing the voting application. Classic ADHD. Anyhow, as I had another late night and didn't finish voting, tell me what you'd like to see by emailing me at kevin@fury.com.

09.21.1999 8:23pm - "Half a loaf"

I'm on BART, on my way home from work and drinks with a few friends. Telling someone else about all the half-finished web projects I'm working on only drove home my need to get at least one of them done. Wait, I got my front page off the ground, so make that two.

Which project should I tackle first? Read a rundown of current projects and cast your vote.

I'm reading James Gleick's 'Faster' and it very much reads like a research manuscript for a Neal Stephenson novel. He writes just enough to make the trivia interesting, but there's nothing tying the chapters together, which may be the point: In an accelerated, interrupt-driven world, meaning must be conveyed in 18 minute capsules. Time's up!

09.21.1999 12:11am - "A New Hope"

A first entry, a blank page. You can do all the pallete and design work in the world, and you could still fill the resulting framework with a thousand tones. Rather than contrive a tone, an isolated slice of myself, I'll just speak my mind and see what tones emerge.

Lest you think this place is empty, there are several projects just on the edge of emerging. For an example, I encourage you to take a look at Randompixel. It, too, is just a shell right now, but it has a better defined purpose. Go take a look.

The other items in "Recent Items" are all projects I've worked on in the past. In a few days I'll put a little more info on how I actually helped each of these projects be what they are.

Check back now and then. I'll have more content daily.

Randompixel - A camera alone, floating through the world.

Levi's Online Store - The least task-oriented store on the web. But that's not how it started...

Heat.Net - Home of CyberDiversion, and one of the first full-featured online communities.

iSkip.com - It's a happy movement, and I've been pitching in lately.

www.uswebcks.com - Another acquisition, another exercise in branding. The all new USWeb/CKS corporate site.