Blogging in close quarters
Thursday, Mar 03, 2005
I wrote two blog posts about Yahoo today, but decided not to post either of them because neither one ended up saying what I set out to say, and both sounded strangely bitter.

I have to say, I admire Zawodny and Scoble because while I often disagree with their views, they're very true to their own feelings, even when they may favor 'the competition' or be critical of their employer.

I think the biggest difference here is that I feel closer to the general population at Google than I ever did at Yahoo. I feel completely free to go to anyone's office and talk to them about what I like or don't like about their product, so I'm less likely to go to my blog and spout off when I could just as easily go straight to the people that made the thing, and know my words will have a real impact on the product. I never felt that at Yahoo, where business units were feifdoms and the competition was all too often the people on the other side of your floor.

Damnit. I did it again.

Best of teen geek deskdancing
Thursday, Mar 03, 2005
After seeing at least four videos like this, I think it's safe to call it a genre, but if any piece is a front-runner in this genre is's this guy (sound required (or he'll look really dumb)). [via kottke. go patronize him]
Tuesday, Mar 01, 2005
Home from work today. Cramping on my lower left side since yesterday afternoon, spiking when I take a deep breath. I've got an appointment tomorrow morning to investigate. If it was on the right side, and/or I had a fever, it'd likely be appendicitis, but it's not, so let's hope it's not.
Apple + TiVo redux
Wednesday, Feb 23, 2005
I haven't bought stock in about three years after getting boosted and burned in the dotcom craze, but driving home from the airport with Rachel last Sunday I said "I think I should buy some TiVo stock." It recently took a bit of a dive (40% or so) and while everyone's manning the 'TiVo death watch' it's not the first time, and the first rule of investing is to buy things that are undervalued.

The market was closed Monday and on Tuesday I forgot about it until after the markets closed at 1pm Pacific time. Wednesday morning I wake to find that TiVo is up 25%. Drat.

At first I thought it was just a market correction, things finally adjusting to reality after a hard Tuesday market, but it seems that the 'Apple buys TiVo' rumor again resurfaced. Like two flames brought closer together burning brighter, the Apple buzz around iPods to be released today and the TiVo buzz about being in dire straits -- yet bagging their three millionth subscriber, combined to reignite the Apple-TiVo buyout rumor mill.

A couple mainstream venues reported the rumors and suddenly the stock is in play and, as these things do, it fed upon itself; increased volume and boyancy only giving credibility to the rumor.

I've no idea if the rumor's true or not, though if you've been here for a couple years then you know my take on it. Either way I hope the stock noses down a little bit so I can get in after all. Heck, maybe tomorrow Microsoft will announce that the X-box 360 will have a PVR built in, conjoined to a Blu-ray disc burner.

Anyhow, rah rah Apple, rah rah TiVo.

A windfall of Wonderfalls
Wednesday, Feb 16, 2005
It's completely telling of how messed up my priorities are that this is the most exciting thing I've heard all week, but I was talking with an old colleague about TV (she loves Battlestar Galactica but wishes Stargate Atlantis would take a long walk out a short airlock) when I mention that I still have all four original episodes of Wonderfalls on my TiVo, and that I even lovingly transferred them to my new TiVo when I gave away my old one.

She makes my day when she tells me that Wonderfalls is out on DVD (to Rachel's credit, Rachel told me only a few days ago that they'd probably come out with it, but I figured they'd never release a show with less of a fanbase than Firefly and only four aired episodes). BUT...

What made my week is that there are not only unaired episodes, there are NINE unaired episodes! They had a full 13 ep season and shelved more than two thirds of it! Now, thanks to the wonder of Amazon Prime (I'll have a writeup about that soon as well, to be sure) I'll have it in my hands tomorrow. I think it's time to put together a TV night once a week where we can watch an episode or two of Wonderfalls, and make the joy last for a month or two.

I realize though that not everyone shares my love for all things of Tim Minear and Niagra, so I don't expect everyone to be shouting from the rooftops, but if you do hear a voice drifting from dell to dell this evening, it might just be me.

Ebay on TiVo
Tuesday, Feb 15, 2005
Ever get the urge to search on ebay using your tivo? Say thank you to both of them. It's just a 'demonstration' but it's fully functional.

Now if only TiVo would finish the required 7.1 system upgrade for my Humax TiVo so I could play with this stuff...

Happy Valentine's Day + Desktops
Monday, Feb 14, 2005
It's Valentine's Day (in case the V-day Google logo didn't remind you) and Rachel's put up some really nifty Valentine-themed desktop pictures to keep you in the mood for months!
Lovely Conversations

If candy hearts are too impersonal a medium to express your true sentiments but you still want to say 'I love you' with sugar, then start planning for next year by reading Andrew and Kelli's new blog, Lovescool: for the love of dessert.

Best TiVo FAQ Ever
Thursday, Feb 10, 2005
Questions Frequently Asked About TiVo, Answered by Someone Who Loves TiVo Too Much

I'd try to write some witty synopsis here but all I can say is I laughed 'till I cried.

Great weekend
Monday, Feb 07, 2005
Rachel and I had a great time this weekend playing house. After finishing up some coding for her parents and wishing her mom a happy birthday (Hi Ellen!), we took our soon-to-expire 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond and put it to good use. We bought a new duvet cover for the bed, a bunch of new towels and an amazing bathmat for the bath, and for the beyond we finally bit the bullet and got our KitchenAid Artisan mixer:

Shot with the Lensbaby

On Sunday we quickly put the new mixer to good use making tollhouse cookies. While they were baking we used the assets purchased from Fry's (which we closed out on Saturday after leaving BB&B) and wired up speakers in the kitchen, living room, and game room.

A little later Cy and Athena came over to not-watch the big game and we played video games and socialized for the remainder of the day.

Definitely a good weekend, though the fastest one in recent months, probably because we were both catching up on sleep. At any rate, I love having the new mixer in our house. I grew up licking the stirrer of mom's KitchenAid (which was actually handed down to her from my grandma Frieda) and I think ever since I left home I've had this unacted-upon desire to have one of these beasties of my own. The kitchen somehow feels a lot more complete now.

Google's Infinite Map
Monday, Feb 07, 2005
Today Google released Google Maps into Google Labs. Regular readers know that even though I work at the big G I don't make a habit or rah-rahing every new thing that comes out of the plex, but I've got to say I love Google Maps. It just works so well.

Give it a shot. Search for, perhaps, Pizza near Sunnyvale (Jakes of Sunnyvale is the best, by the way) or United Nations in New York. Easily get directions to or fro, and then take the map for a spin by changing the scale or dragging it like an infinite piece of paper in realtime. Seriously, this thing is slick.


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