Just another day
Thursday, Mar 04, 2004
It's a little stressful working under the world's microscope, especially when you're working for the world's microscope.
Rachelblog: It's been a day
Wednesday, Mar 03, 2004
[Like the previous one, this is also Rachel's post. I'm hosting this for Rachel on my blog while she puts the finishing touches on her own. --KF]

A little calmer now, I have to think clearly about just how lucky I am. Kevin stayed home tonight from poker to comfort me. While he quite often seeks some time alone, I get that most of the day I feel a bit better if he is in the house. Just knowing that if i need him, he is there, helps so much. We watched a movie and pigged out just as those stressed and depressed should do. And I am thinking about my day a little more rashly now.

Yeah, I'm scared and unnerved about this unknown possibility right now. But we are very sure its not cancer; and its prolly nothing even that bad. Whatever it is, or isn't we will take care of it, and in the end I'm really lucky. Lucky it wasn't worse and lucky to have a wonderful, caring partner who helps me so very much.

[No, I didn't bribe her to say this. She's my sweetie.--KF]

Rachelblog: A bit freaked
Wednesday, Mar 03, 2004
[This is Rachel's post. I'm hosting this for Rachel on my blog while she puts the finishing touches on her own. --KF]

So I don't talk to many people about most really personal things, I dotalk a lot... there are just many things most people never hear from me.However I feel like I need to talk about this, for my own sake.

I had a normal gynecological exam about 3 weeks ago. Everything came backfine on all of my tests and I'm a healthy little girl. However during mybreast exam the student who is also working with me found something. Sheshowed it to the main doc and they discussed and talked with me anddecided that it was interesting.

I should state that I have cystic breasts to begin with. I guess all thatmeans is that in general there are really small beads or cysts that arenormal for me and can be found all over within my breasts. They changesize depending on fluids and the time of the month and when you touch themthey are kind of rolly polly and all moveable and stuff. When they foundthis particular bump though it was much larger than the others. Decidingthat since I was only one week away from my period which is a time whenthose things can be larger, they asked me to come in 10 days after myperiod to double check this particular bump.

So today I went back. I didn't have to do anything but get my breastsexamined again. During the exams it was decided that the bump from thelast time had not changed size. This bump does seem to be movable, whichis good news since a cancerous lump is NOT movable, however it hadn'tchanged at all. The up news was that there seemed to be another bump whichmirrored my first one. That bump hadn't been there the last time, but I amtold that the fact that their is a mirror is a sign of normality.

Laying on a bed with a woman on each side of you both of them rubbingaround on your breasts and discussing abnormalities is an uncomfortableand also kind of numbing experience. Both women are really nice, and Ilike seeing them very much, however that doesn't make the whole situationfeel better. What was decided was that they just don't know what it is.They are nearly positive its not cancerous. Most other things (at leastthat they told me) found in breasts are benign. And the fact that I'm notyet 26 makes my risk of anything really low. However this little bumpworries them enough that I have to go back in another month to have itlooked at again. If at that point the bump is bigger or even the same sizeI will be having an ultra-sound on it. If it is smaller than all the other cysts in my body and we don't need to do anything.

As of yet I have not done any research since I only just came back fromthe doctors and wanted to get my thoughts down right now. They continuallyassured me there was nothing to worry about, however it seems odd to methat we are set on finding out what it is, if its nothing.

The other thing that hit me a little bit was that when deciding when toultra-sound my doc said she felt okay waiting another month since I was soyoung. If there is nothing to worry about, even if I was older why wouldit matter if we wait a month? Maybe I am reading too much into this. Ireally don't think that they are lying to me or anything, I have to stateagain that I really like these doctors and feel comfortable talking tothem. I'm just really not sure what to think and I feel like this is atouchy and scary area to have to think about.

I really and truly welcome any comments or discussion about mine or othersimilar situations from other women or men. I feel like maybe if I talkthis out in a positive way with others, I will feel better.

Friday, Feb 27, 2004
I'm huntin' wabbits...
Good News!
Friday, Feb 27, 2004
For the latest in good news, check out Goodle.
Wired on Google
Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004
The new Wired has a 20-page spread on Google. Interesting reading, whether you're in the company or not.

To forestall folks asking me questions they know I can't answer, I'm nixing comments on this post. Sorry!

Eminem sues Apple
Tuesday, Feb 24, 2004
The Nike cap is real, BTW.Apparently Eminem is suing Apple, Chiat/Day, MTV and Viacom for using one of his songs without his permission in an iPod ad. To quote his publisher, "Eminem has never nationally endorsed any commercial products and ... even if he were interested in endorsing a product, any endorsement deal would require a significant amount of money, possibly in excess of $10 million."

Funny, I'd think a rapper who changed his name in order to ape that of a popular candy has lower standards of commercial endorsement.

Sad Day
Saturday, Feb 21, 2004
Wow, I really feel for Derek and Heather today. One of their Chihuahuas, Tigger, died in the park today. This sucks so much.
Introducing Phoenixfeather
Friday, Feb 20, 2004
So, on to other topics (phew!) I'm really excited that Rachel's put the finishing touches on Phoenix Feather Photos. For the past several weeks, Rachel has been taking pictures for the new site, and she's putting them together into albums on the site.


I'm really impressed at her eye for framing shots, and her use of depth of field. I'm looking at getting a new digital camera, and I only hope I can get half as good with it as she is with hers.

Right now there are two albums up: Winter Yellows, and Simply Berkeley.

Rachel's also working on a few other albums at the moment, and is trying to gather some more candids of the hummingbird in our backyard, and of neon-lit churches, wherever they glow.

To keep folks up to date (everyone wants to be a little sticky nowadays), Rachel's also set up an RSS feed for Phoenixfeather.

For the curious, right now she's using an Olympus Camedia C730 with 10x optical zoom, but we're both looking forward to the new Nikon D70 digital SLR.

No matter what she uses to take pics, Rachel really has a knack for capturing the shots I can't even see when I'm standing in front of them, and I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do.

Aww, shucks.
Thursday, Feb 19, 2004
Hey guys, thanks for coming.

Sorry, but I've taken down the post about my opinions regarding Yahoo's search results page.

Nobody's asked me to do so. I didn't get any pressure from anywhere, but the post that I wrote from the perspective of a user experience designer was starting to get wide attention as a post from the perspective of a Google employee criticizing Yahoo, and that's not the kind of message I was trying to send, or the audience I was trying to reach.

So again, thanks for coming, and I hope you'll stick around, add a bookmark or an RSS feed.



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