The Days Before the Columbia Crash
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003
Wow. CNN PDF'ed and published a packet of the emails (2.2meg PDF) that went around NASA in the days days before the Columbia disaster. Reading the exchanges is truly fascinating. I'm only on page 9 of 27 now, but it's really clear that a lot of relevant people were aware of the risks, and did what they could to work out disaster scenarios if the wheel well was breeched.

The undercurrent to most of the correspondence was that if it was a problem it could easily become a catastrophic problem, but if the Shuttle made it through the early stages of re-entry, they needed to have decisions regarding bailout or landings sans-gear already decided.

It's horrible that this happened, and worse that more data wasn't available, especially now that detailed investigation found what was probably several tiles in orbit near the orbiter after an orbiter translation (not sure if it was an OMS burn or just an RCS adjustment).

Anyhow, if you're curious, or just morbid, it makes for very interesting reading, both from a historical and an organizational perspective. All in all, I feel this is a different NASA than the one that decided to launch Challenger, but accidents can still happen.

If you decide not to read it, don't worry, I'm sure the movie-of-the-week special will probably be out by September.

Realizing the potential of USB
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003
After extensive contextual inquiry into the needs of the typical computer user, a Japanese hardware company has come out with USB HOT, a USB-powered cup-warmer!

Yes, that's right. Plug it in to your computer's powered USB port and the cup warmer will help your already-hot drink cool off less slowly! (Well, okay, it's not very well named...)

That's right: Never again will you have to suffer with a beverage that cooled down 30 degrees after an hour on your desk, when you could have one that only cools 20 degrees! Astounding! And it comes in your chouce of four colors.

Just don't forget to unplug your coffee before taking your laptop to a meeting...

Buffy Leaving Buffy
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2003
From the 'didn't we know that already?' dept, CNN confirms that people connected to the show say that Gellar told Joss that she's leaving after this season. So now we have our definitive(??) answer.

The high point from the blurb was:

"Her departure also likely means "Buffy," at least in its current incarnation, will wrap in May, something that's also not much of a shocker, given the show's apocalyptic storylines this season."

Yeah, and the folks that taught us that the plural of 'apocalypse' is 'apocali' have never seen that before....

Apparently the fate of the show is still up in the air: Will it continue with a new Slayer? Will it be rebranded as a spinoff after the absence of the title character?

The only question that doesn't get much ink is whether Angel will continue on next season. It might, or it might not. No big diff. The paperclip of Angel's tortured life broke long ago.

Me, I'm secretly hoping for a crossover spinoff from Buffy and Enterprise, where a new slayer named Gargravarr rises up in The Fray's post-slayer universe, and travels by starship from world to world to (and this part's key) alphabetically insult, and then slay, every demon in the known universe.

Things get interesting in the series's two-hour pilot (which happens to also be it's season finale) when she crosses paths with, and consequently teams up with, Malcolm Reynolds and crew. The finale (aired in week two) centers around a final confrontation with the Big Bad: the mysterious yet ugly Reavers.

If only TiVo made new shows based on the ones I like...

I Ain't No Ben Brown
Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003
So I've been carrying around my video camera for the past couple of days, since I've had a few minutes more than usual to devote to non-school things.

Living for years in awe of that brief gem, The Ben Brown Show, I've been toying with putting together a sporadic web show I've dubbed 'The Fox Minute,' and have a couple episodes in the can.

The can is where they'll stay though, since episodes best titled 'Kevin Stands in Snow and Vamps for 60 seconds' and 'Kevin Waits at the Bus Stop' probably won't be high on the list of fan-voted top-ten episodes after the show goes into late-night syndication.

Still, it would hardly be fair to taunt you with video and then deliver nothing, so I give you a Moment of Zen.

Also, while the first show was so bad that it'll never see the light of day, I'll let you in on what happens when I turn on the camera and then wait for inspiration to strike.

This is me thinking. (2.1meg Quicktime 6.0)

Google loves me.
Tuesday, Feb 25, 2003
Google loves me.
Remaking My World
Monday, Feb 24, 2003
It's amazing how small changes can have such a large impact, but Rachel and I spent a good part of the weekend rearranging my apartment. I finally found the perfect layout for my bedroom, making it's perceived utility at least twice, possibly three times as much as it was before. I even reclaimed my little alcove room into a dressing room.

It's scary the inspiration that can be derived from a few episodes of Trading Spaces and Changing Rooms.

I have real, rich, enjoyable content in the barrel and almost ready to be fired your way. Just squaring away a few things today though.

Worst... Book... Evar....
Friday, Feb 21, 2003
If you're going to write what has been dubbed by some as the worst book ever published in the English language, it's nice that you can at least be good-natured about it.

Seriously, this makes me feel better about the idea of writing my own book. I know I can do better thanthis guy. And if not, well, maybe two-million people will read about the book anyhow.

Marketing Quote of the Day
Friday, Feb 21, 2003

"We are small enough to listen to you!"

--MacGPS Pro web site

What a great way to accentuate the positive.

Incidentally, this is probably my biggest concern with the Google/Blogger buyout. Right now Pyra is small enough that if I have a really good idea, I can email Ev and talk about it, and maybe even get things done. As I understand it, that's how most of Blogger's new features and interfaces get started.

Will Bloogle still be small enough to listen to me?

Grr. Arg!
Friday, Feb 21, 2003
I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes the tagline too far.
War 3
Thursday, Feb 20, 2003
A perfect instance of my unsettlement in the state of the world is when one of the RSS feeds I read comes up with a heading, "More War3 stuff" and I immediately assume it's from Daily Kos, a political commentary site I read, instead of Zhaneel, talking about Warcraft III and the new Frozen Throne beta test.

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