There is a season, iterate, iterate, iterate
Wednesday, Feb 12, 2003
So I've finally emerged from this tunnel of work I've been confined by for the last week. I've designed and field-tested two iterations of a photocopier interface, an iteration of an online banking site, created a six-page feature proposal for a meeting with General Motors this afternoon, written two essays on the previous week's readings, and designed a (imbo) kickass dice game for game design and put it through more than eight iterations.

For next week I need to put my copier through another three iterations, my bank site through another one (both using high-fidelity prototypes), run my nearly-perfect game through another three iterations, and call dice wholesalers to discuss volume pricing to determine the final in-store target price for my game to assess the viability of self-financing a small run to seed to local game stores, and possibly find a distributor.

Oh, and my sidekick but the dust yesterday evening, with the 'LCD screen of mayhem' but apparently coughed that dust up in the night because it's working fine again now.

So now I have a similar workload to last week, only I have a full week to do it, and not the two days I gave myself last week (except for the game which took up most of my cycles). There was Buffy and it was Good. My new TiVo is on its way and will probably arrive today (oh yeah, sorry to the folks who are lusting for my old TiVo. This one's going to Mom. (Hey Mom, you've got Tivo!)

My Dad's birthday party is this Saturday and I'll be there in spirit.

It snows pretty much every day but I'm still waiting for that big snow that will make snowmen and sledding the inevitable order of the day.

Our guest speaker at last night's seminar at one point asked, "who else is sick of the cold?" and I was surprised that as most of the hands made for the sky, mine was not among them.

And in the midst of all this, I plan to start production code for Fury 4.0 tomorrow. I've got a lot of changes I'll be rolling in to one release, so expect that to take up a lot of my (ahem) extra time for the next couple weeks.

Hey, how you doin'?

Some Blimps are Better Off Dead
Wednesday, Feb 12, 2003
An autobiographical story like the kinds I look forward to writing again when I can harvest the hours off trees, and days pass like clouds instead of kidney stones.

Read it out loud to a loved one...

Thanks Noire, for the link.

CIA reports N. Korea has missiles that can reach West Coast
Wednesday, Feb 12, 2003
Icy roads...
Monday, Feb 10, 2003
I just saw an accident. not a bad one, but a car rear-ending another and mashing its hood. I should keep my big mouth shut.
Anyone tape last night's SNL?
Sunday, Feb 09, 2003
My friend Frances was in a skit on yesterday's Saturday Night Live, only I didn't know, and she doesn't have a tape of it. Did anyone happen to tape/tivo it?
TiVo upgrade to Series2
Saturday, Feb 08, 2003
What with TiVo's added features in Series2 boxes, including scheduling from the web, and music streaming from my mac with Rendezvous, I was getting really close to buying a series 2 box, buying lifetime service, and selling my existing box with lifetime service.

Now I don't have to. Today my TiVo, ever proactive, let me know that they're doing what they said they never would: let you move lifetime service to a new box.

Of course there are conditions, and they stress that this is a one-time-only deal, but now I can buy an 80-hour Series2 TiVo before March 10th, and transfer the lifetime service (which, incidentally would otherwise cost $250 otherwise and next month will cost $300) from my 30-hour Sony TiVo to the new box.

Now the only question is what to do with my existing cherished TiVo.

Anyhow, I just wrote this up for my friends who I know have TiVo with lifetime service, and might be itching for a new box. If you have any questions, give TiVo a call at 1-877-806-0883.

I love my TiVo.

Searching for the Past
Friday, Feb 07, 2003
Here's a weird request. I've nearly exhausted my campus connections on this one, so I'm turning to you, oh diligent reader: I have a data cartridge with some stuff I wrote quite a while ago. Ten years ago, in fact. Now I can't find a drive that will read it.

Ten years ago I'd just started my intenship at MacWEEK magazine, and during the more boring parts I wrote, and saved it onto what I thought would be the most long-lived media of the time: A 650mb 5.25" Magneto-Optical cartridge.

It was state of the art, and was supposed to last upwards of 100 years without losing data. The problem of course is that the media is far more permanent than the drives that wrote to it.

Now, barely 10% of the way through the media's life, I can't find a drive that can read it. I just want to pull a file or two off that are personally important to me, and I can't find a way to do it.

The drive that wrote it was either a Pinnacle Micro or an Alphatronix 5.25" MO drive. Does anyone have one, or know anyone who might? If anyone can help me with this, I'll definitely make it worth your while.

Thanks in advance...

Pittsburgh Drivers
Friday, Feb 07, 2003
It's easy to ridicule a city's drivers, or make funny jokes about how Bostonian 5-second-after-red-light runners would get killed driving in red-yellow-means-green-in-a-sec Amsterdam, but Pittsburgh drivers scare me.

They're not exceptionally fast or slow, and the Pittsburgh Left isn't so bad once you get used to it. No, what scares me about many of the drivers here is that they drive as though everyone else is fully aware, has fast reflexes, and is a good (err, nimble) driver. In fact, the existence of the Pittsburgh Left is probably evidence of this.

It's all about taking right of way instead of waiting for it to be given to you, but in more of a "I borrowed a quarter from your change bowl and I'll give it back tomorrow" instead of pulling someone's wallet out of their pocket.

Either there's a Pittsburgh hivemind I'm not yet aware of, or folks here just have a lot of faith in their fellow drivers. Come to think of it, though I've heard about three accidents secondhand, I haven't seen a single one in the six months I've been here. How odd is that?

The debt has been repaid.
Thursday, Feb 06, 2003

The debt has been repaid.

Full. Hit the reset switch.
Thursday, Feb 06, 2003
I'm completely overloaded and panicing today. I emailed in sick to my classes, because it's true enough. There are so many things fighting for importance in my head that I can't do anything at all. Total and complete lockup.

So I shut the doors and am trying to sort it all through.

I have a 4:30 GM meeting I really can't miss, and I'll have tons to do this weekend, but for the next three hours I'm working at relieving the pressure inside and outside my head. Don't worry; no literal spikes will be used.

Oh, and I desperately need a new glasses prescription. After spending so much time awake and working I decided to give my eyeballs a rest and went from contacts to my glasses for a while. Big mistake. It took me almost three days to connect the difference in prescription to the headaches I was having. I'm so used to headaches coming on from dehydration, I neglected to think it could be anything else.

It wasn't until I lost the ability to focus without my brain physically hurting more that I put two and two together. Back home and with contacts in, at least that torment has eased.

Now I'm resting for a few hours and then playing a game of life-tetris, where the blocks are assignments, and the column is my day-to-day life. I've gotta work that pile down, because level 9's coming up.


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