For the good of all mankind, I'm joining Mozilla Labs!
Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010
Improving the world through unbridled invention. I can't imagine a better job description, yet that's the motivation behind Mozilla Labs, a team of Mozilla engineers and designers working with the Internet community at large to figure out not just what comes next, but what comes after that and how can we help design the foundations that help the Internet get there. As my regular readers know, I wasn't planning on returning to a conventional company any time soon but it didn't take long, talking with the folks at Mozilla, to realize that theirs is anything but a conventional company. As a public benefit organization, Mozilla exists for the purpose of bettering the Internet and making it open and accessible to everyone. The opportunity to join up with Mozilla Labs as their Principal UX Designer is one I couldn't pass up. I'll help shape the future of the Internet in a more profound and lasting way than would be possible almost anywhere else. As a completely open organization, Mozilla affords the rare opportunity to design in public while engaging in one of the Internet's strongest examples of participatory design. The opportunity to contribute to, evangelize, create, and raise awareness of Mozilla Labs initiatives combines the best aspects of my experiences at Yahoo, Google, FriendFeed and Facebook: Working with extremely talented people with a shared passion for making great things that help people. Throw in a hefty helping of altruism? Yes. I'll do that. I start next month (after Halloween is packed up and squared away) and I am thrilled.
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