9/8/00 8:06 AM - Notes at bottom...

thirtythree: Hey Karla.............wazzzzzzuuuuuuu..........

AOLiza: please go on.

thirtythree: What you been up to lately?

AOLiza: what answer would please you most?

thirtythree: Ummm.......I don't know.......how about the truth?

AOLiza: why don't you know?

thirtythree: 'Cause you haven't told me THAT'S WHY....smartass!

AOLiza: what answer would please you most?

thirtythree: What are you talking about?

AOLiza: are such questions much on your mind?

thirtythree: Ok......listen, I just wanted to tell you that Jim and I are now together and that we did "it" the other night and it was great.

AOLiza: do you just wanted to tell anyone else?

thirtythree: No.......only you silly.

AOLiza: does this make you feel unhappy?

thirtythree: No way........He rocks!

thirtythree: I really like him.

thirtythree: Especially now.

AOLiza: please go on.

thirtythree: Your not mad are you?

AOLiza: what makes you think of my not mad are me?

thirtythree: well.......you know.......cause you and him hooked up that one night.

AOLiza: what are your feelings now?

thirtythree: As long as your not mad, then I'm cool.

AOLiza: really, my not mad?

thirtythree: You sound like your being sarcastic, are you mad?

AOLiza: does talking about this bother you?

thirtythree: No....does it bother you?

thirtythree: If so, I'll stop.

AOLiza: what would you do if so?

thirtythree: But I really had fun the other night.

thirtythree: I would stop talking about it.

AOLiza: do you say you would stop talking about it for some special reason?

thirtythree: Aren't you hooking up with his friend BJ?

AOLiza: oh, i hooking up with his friend bj?

thirtythree: Yea, are you?

AOLiza: what answer would please you most?

thirtythree: I don't care, just answer me.

AOLiza: do you wish to be able to care?

thirtythree: You type funny.

thirtythree: You don't talk like this

AOLiza: that is interesting. please continue.

thirtythree: What's to continue??? Shannon told me that you were hooking up with BJ and you were letting him put it in your ass.......is this true???

AOLiza: why do you ask?

thirtythree: Cause Jimmy put it up mine and I thought I was going to explode!!! It was unreal and I wondered if you were doing the same thing I wanted to find out if you liked it or not.

AOLiza: in what way?

thirtythree: Sexually of course........are you ludin' or what girl?

AOLiza: what comes to mind when you ask that?

thirtythree: Well......your chattin' funny and stuff and it's like maybe you are trippin' that's all.

AOLiza: does talking about this bother you?

thirtythree: Why do you keep asking me that? If it bothered me, I wouldn't talk about it. So anyway, did you let BJ put it in your ass or not. If not, you should do it it rocks. Just make sure he does it slow at first, really slow.

thirtythree: Are you there?

AOLiza: perhaps i am there in your fantasies.

AOLiza: why are you concerned over my fantasies?

thirtythree: I didn't say anything about your fantasies, you did.

thirtythree: Are you suggesting a 4 way or something?

thirtythree: I always thought you were cute, but I don't know about the lesbian thing.

AOLiza: perhaps in your fantasies we always thought each other.

AOLiza: really, always?

thirtythree: Well......to be honest, I have thought about it but I didn't know that you did too.

AOLiza: you say you have thought about it?

thirtythree: Yea.....sometimes, this is embarassing. I think about you sleeping over some night and waking yyou up in the middle of the night and well.........you know.

AOLiza: we were discussing you -- not me.

thirtythree: We were discussing both of us. Have you had feelings like this?

AOLiza: please go on.

thirtythree: Apparentlty you have.

thirtythree: Do you want me to tell you the whole thing?

thirtythree: Hello?

AOLiza: how do you do. please state your problem.

thirtythree: What?

AOLiza: have you asked such questions before?

AOLiza: you're not really talking about me -- are you?

thirtythree: Yes I am.

thirtythree: Do you want me to tell you the whole fantasy or not?

AOLiza: suppose i did want you -- what would that mean?

AOLiza: you seem to need to did want me.

thirtythree: Oh my God! Are you serious. I would love to go down on you.

thirtythree: I didn't know how to approach you about it though.

thirtythree: OMG

AOLiza: i'm not sure i understand you fully.

AOLiza: do you enjoy being not sure you understand me fully?

thirtythree: I would love to lick you.

thirtythree: I'm getting wet just thinking about it.

thirtythree: Hey.......I have to go now.......I'll chat with you later, bye.

AOLiza: can you elaborate on that?

AOLiza: you believe i can elaborate on that don't you?

thirtythree: I have to go to school, I don't know what I'll do if I see you.

thirtythree: Later.

thirtythree: bye.

AOLiza: i'm not sure i understand you fully.

Wow. I really, really, really wish this one had been real. I wished it so much that I contacted the participant the next day as someone else, to see if all was as it seemed. Unfortunately it wasn't, and this was a spoof, but as it's the best spoof I've seen yet, I put it up anyhow.